Irish Water invests in new Water Recycling Jet-Vac Unit to ensure delivery of first class service for Fingal customers

Monday August 6th, 2018

Irish Water has invested in a new Water Recycling Jet-Vac unit to replace ageing units in Fingal. The new Recycler is part of the Irish Water’s ongoing strategy to improve the service delivered to customers.Government Opportunities

The upgrade will see a new Recycler unit coming into service in Fingal to replace the existing units currently operating some of which are more than 20 years old. This will ensure that staff working in Fingal will be able to deliver a more effective and efficient service to our customers.

The new, modern unit will enable Fingal County Council staff working on behalf of Irish Water to carry out their work in greater safety, while also being able to set up the Recycler on site in a shorter time frame when dealing with blockages and general maintenance in the sewer network. The new high tech truck has an enhanced CCTV system to identity where blockages are in the sewers which will enable faster cleaning of the sewers, remove blockages, and complete high pressure cleaning. Similar Recycling Jet-Vac units are in use in other water utility companies in the UK and Europe and will enable operators to carry out this essential sewer maintenance and emergency repair work safely and efficiently.

Bringing this new vehicle into service will also mean that there will be fewer breakdowns, improved working conditions for staff and a better service on site when emergencies arise.
Martin Carroll of Irish Water, commented: “We are delighted to be in a position to hand over this new Recycler unit to Fingal County Council. This investment in a modern, efficient truck will enable personnel to carry out their work in a much safer and more efficient manner, ultimately improving the service we offer to our customers.

“Having a safe, properly managed modern unit will enable more effective inspection, servicing and maintenance of Irish Water’s wastewater network. The new Recycler will enable us to efficiently resolve hundreds of wastewater blockages across Fingal.

“The ageing Jet Vac units that are being replaced had to be filled with clean drinking water from local hydrants. This drinking water is much too valuable for cleaning sewers. A key priority for Irish Water when investing in the new Recycler unit is that future sewer cleaning will be carried out using recycled water. This is a sustainable solution for cleaning and maintaining our wastewater network.
“This investment is in line with Irish Water’s commitment to developing a systematic approach to the operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater networks in order to deliver a quality service to all our customers.”

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