IoD applauds Government consultation

Tuesday July 26th, 2011

The Institute of Directors (IoD) believe that the Governments National Planning Policy is ‘good news’ for economic development.

Commenting on the publication, IoD spokesman, Edwin Morgan, said: “The National Planning Policy Framework is the first step towards a planning system which enables development rather than holding it back. The previous approach which produced huge amounts of overly-prescriptive guidance was difficult for applicants to navigate, and did not produce the right development in the right areas.

“The Government is right to choose a more straightforward approach, setting out the broad direction for a more pro-growth planning system, with the presumption in favour of sustainable development at its heart. This presumption will give businesses more of the certainty they need before they risk their money on new projects.

“What matters now is that local authorities have the right incentives to approve sustainable development in their area. For example, it would certainly help if they were allowed to retain some of their business rates so they could really see the benefits of business growth.”

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