Economic and green boost for the Peak District as £14m rail freight scheme unveiled

Tuesday April 30th, 2019

A new £14m railway extension has been unveiled in Buxton which will boost productivity in the UK construction sector.Government Opportunities

Network Rail has transformed a disused council tip into 430 metres of railway sidings so longer freight trains can serve local quarries.

The Great North Rail Project investment means freight firms DB Cargo and Freightliner can now increase their number of wagons on each train from 18 to 26.

This allows up to 2,500 tonnes of stone to be transported during each load, providing a boost to UK building projects and the environment.

Each freight train takes 76 lorries off local roads and every tonne of freight carried by rail cuts carbon emissions by 76%.

Martin Frobisher, managing director of Network Rail’s London Northern Western route, said: “We’re really pleased that this upgrade will give both a boost to the UK economy through greater productivity, as well as improving the local environment by reducing the reliance on lorries which cause congestion and produce harmful CO2 emissions.”

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