DWP and HMRC join to tackle fraud

Monday July 25th, 2011

According to new reports the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) plan to create an integrated risk and intelligence service to crack down fraudulent activity and improve cost savings.

A tender has been put out by the departments to create a central hub which gathers, processes and analyses data and intelligence on fraud and error activities.

The new system will support performance improvements in fraud and debt recovery activities across DWP and HMRC, and it is hoped that it will also benefit the implementation and delivery of the Universal Credit system. This is a complicated IT system that will combine personal data from both departments with a view to simplifying the benefits system – it has a target completion date of 2013.

A check done through Information Services – Experian last year said £1bn of savings could potentially be made through the proper validation of individuals’ personal data. It said up to £600m could come from eliminating social housing fraud and errors, £300m from tackling incapacity and benefit fraud and £17m from getting rid of housing benefit fraud.

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