Does London need to clean up its act?

Thursday July 28th, 2011

New research has found that the people of London feel a rise in anti-social behaviour could arise if street cleaning services were to be cut back.  


Local authorities in England spend £885m a year on street cleansing, and in London alone the bill for street cleansing is £263m.


Due to government cut-backs, London Councils and Keep Britain Tidy wanted to find out if Londoners think the street cleansing service, which includes clearing litter and tackling issues such as fly-tipping, dog fouling and graffiti, is still a priority or whether they think it should be cut back in favour of other public services.


The research shows that, although Londoners are likely to report that other aspects of social spending should be prioritised over street cleansing, the majority agree that changes to current service delivery will cause a deep sense of dissatisfaction among service users.


London Councils and Keep Britain Tidy believe this is because residents take these services for granted.


The ILP programme is designed to give companies a direct voice to the Cabinet Office.


Although there are no direct promises the presentations will result in any contracts, the ILP website says there is more likelihood the SMEs will be considered in the future if they take part in the programme.

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