Detailed version of ‘Planting the Flag’ released by Socitm

Friday May 27th, 2011

Socitm has published the full version of Planting the Flag: the Strategy for ICT-enabled local public services reform following launch of the summary version at the Socitm Spring Conference on May 11.

Planting the Flag is a Local CIO Council initiative led by Socitm’s Futures group. It sets out how technology can enable public service reform across the whole range of local services and deliver significant savings and better outcomes for people where they live and work.

The full version of Planting the Flag is for CIOs, Heads of ICT, ICT specialists, and private sector ICT suppliers to local public services. Section one of the document sets out three core principles for reform of local public services – collaborate, redesign and innovate. Section two sets out six strategic capabilities (leadership, governance, organisational change, strategic commissioning, shared services and professionalism) and and section three, six key information and technology issues that will determine success. For each of these capabilities and issues the Strategy:

  • describes the desired scenario in five years time
  • sets out what needs to change and why
  • demonstrates how change can be achieved
  • states what key players – principally local CEOs, CFOs and CIOs – need to do now to start the process of change.

Publication of the full document marks the beginning of Planning the Route, the second phase in the development of the Strategy,  that will involve working with partners at the regional and sub-regional levels to develop more detailed plans to turn the vision into practical reality on the ground.

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