Council agrees to £86 million investment in Fife’s council homes

Friday March 30th, 2018

A massive £86 million is to be invested in Fife’s council homes over the next two years.Government Opportunities

A further £42 million will fund the new build affordable housing programme in 2019 (March 29th).

£6 million will be spent on installing new heating systems in homes which will help meet government energy efficiency targets three years early. And almost £51 million will be used to fund projects including retirement housing and regeneration work. Funding will also be set aside to implement any recommendations from the Grenfell public enquiry when that is announced.

The council is also committed to providing 3,500 new affordable homes by 2022 in partnership with Fife Housing Association Alliance. The aim is to build homes of the right size and type where they are needed most – whether that’s for bigger families, elderly people, young people in rural areas or people with disabilities.

Councillors at a meeting of the Community and Housing Services Committee discussed the plans this week and Convener Judy Hamilton welcomed the boost that will bring improvements to homes across the Kingdom.

She commented: “This investment is great news for our tenants who have already had the opportunity to see the new kitchens, bathrooms, windows and energy saving methods this money will fund at the recent Better Homes Exhibition in the Rothes Halls.

“We are committed to making sure all our homes are of the highest quality possible, and energy efficient too. Our ambition is to create a warm, dry and affordable home for every Fifer that needs one and that people are proud to live in. This investment will go a long way to delivering that.”

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