COSLA welcomes Christie report

Wednesday June 29th, 2011

COSLA’s Presidential Team have warmly welcomed the newly released Christie Report, saying it is both ‘significant and useful’, and will receive COSLA’s full backing,

Describing it as a very good report, they said that in terms of a route map this is a journey that local government is both willing and able to travel.

The COSLA Presidential Team said: “We are pleased to see the link between circumstance and demand for services at last being recognised. For this reason we are also pleased that the report recommends more spend on prevention and that there is a real focus towards integration, decentralisation and localism. We also welcome the fact that he is not proposing reform in the abstract, he is very clear that all reform must meet his criteria and we look forward to working with the Government to ensure that this is the case.

“Of course the report contains recommendations and it is traditional to wait for a Government response before any such recommendations are implemented. However COSLA supports this report to such an extent that we will not be waiting for a Government response instead we will be moving forward immediately to do what we can at our own hand to act in the way that the Commission suggests.”

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