Copious amounts of public money squandered on IT

Thursday July 28th, 2011

According to media reports a committee of MP’s have found that Government departments have been ripped off by a ‘cartel’ of big IT firms.

The new report has brought to light that as much as 10 times the commercial rate was paid for equipment and up to £3,500 for a single desktop PC.

The public administration committee said an ‘obscene amount of public money’ was being wasted on IT.

The government has said that ‘significant improvements’ are already underway to change the way computer equipment is purchased.

Prime Minister David Cameron assured that the days of huge spend on government IT projects that dominated Labour’s time in power are at an end.

 The last Labour government spent £16bn in IT projects in 2009.

Also the coalition has drawn schemes costing more than £100m to a standstill to reduce the UK’s budget deficit.

In the report, the public administration committee suggests departments across Whitehall use small and medium-sized IT suppliers to lower costs and increase competition.

The report concludes that ‘the current government seems determined to succeed where others have failed and we are greatly encouraged by its progress to date.’

But it warns that the government will be ‘doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.’

To view the full report click here.

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