Centre to tackle cancer and green transport technology to be focus of £720 million public-private partnerships

Thursday July 11th, 2019

Government is set to back new landmark partnerships between Britain’s top researchers and industry leaders as part of our modern Industrial Strategy to take on generational challenges, from making vehicles lighter using less fuel, to identifying new treatments for cancer using state of the art technology.Government Opportunities

Over £220 million in government investment will go to 11 projects around the country, combined with nearly £500 million funding from industry, with UK universities collaborating with world-leading companies to help commercialise new innovations for the benefit of the UK economy.

Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore said:

“Government investment in research and our world-leading universities are helping attract even bigger investments from the private sector. These groundbreaking research projects worth nearly £720 million are a fantastic example of this, as we work towards our target of 2.4% of GDP to spent on R&D by 2027.

“As I will note in my final ‘Road to 2.4%’ speech today, this is our modern Industrial Strategy in action: extending our reputation for excellence into the future as we invest record levels into R&D and strive to become the most innovative country in the world.”

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