CBI welcomes response to Hargreaves Review

Thursday August 4th, 2011

The CBI says that Intellectual property (IP) reforms must encourage investment in ideas and content if they are to boost growth.

In reaction to the Government’s response to the Hargreaves Review, Matthew Fell, CBI Director of Competitive Markets, said: “An effective intellectual property regime is essential for driving growth in modern economies. While these proposals help bring IP law up to date with modern day realities, driven by rapidly evolving technologies, some recommendations risk undermining investment in content. The creation of a voluntary Digital Copyright Exchange will give content creators control over how their material is used and sold.

“Businesses also accept that format shifting for individual use, for instance allowing people to upload their CDs onto an MP3 player, reflects modern consumer behaviour. However, plans for widespread copyright exemptions will undermine existing commercial models. While we accept that some patent thickets can present barriers to innovation and growth, the Government must avoid action that will undermine genuine patent clusters.”

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