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Member states allocated €370m

Government Opportunities

The Commission proposed to allocate €370.1m to Member States for actions in the field of border management and visa policy... (Continue reading)

SHAs to launch urgent care procurements


Accorting to reports, SHAs have been urged to ‘press ahead’ with procurements for providers to run the new 111 urgent... (Continue reading)

£4m project to boost marine renewables work


A £4m European-funded project that will boost  marine renewables supply chain opportunities for businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of... (Continue reading)

NECC calls on authorities to give local firms a chance

Government Opportunities

A new study by the North East Chamber of Commerce has accused local councils of ignoring local talent, finding that... (Continue reading)

Firms agonise over NHS pitching


A panel review for the NHS’s Health-Trust Europe’s London ­Procurement Programme has found ‘low partner rates’ as a key issue.... (Continue reading)

Surrey County Council saves £70 million

Government Opportunities

New reports state that Surrey County Council has made savings £70m so far by using IT to revolutionise its processes... (Continue reading)

The hidden costs of procurement in print


New research shows that people in procurement jobs should be wary of five ‘hidden’ costs associated with printing. The report... (Continue reading)

Cornwall publish pre-tender for shared services


According to media reports Cornwall council has published a pre-tender for various shared services, for itself and four local NHS... (Continue reading)

Lewisham Homes settles Mitie deal

Government Opportunities

Lewisham Homes has signed a deal with Mitie to deliver £40m in home improvement works to over 13,000 social housing... (Continue reading)