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Cameron promises business rates for riot-affected

Business handshake

Following rioting in London, the Government says that it will allow businesses affected to defer their business rates payments if... (Continue reading)

EU Commission to consider new third party legislation

Government Opportunities

According to new reports, the European Commission (the Commission) is considering new legislation which will impose restrictions on non-EU companies... (Continue reading)

U-turn on Thameslink contract still possible – Euro MP

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Euro MP Brian Simpson said that the controversial Thameslink contract could still be awarded to Bombardier. The chairman of the... (Continue reading)

South Gloucestershire Council to replace fleet

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Media reports suggest that South Gloucestershire Council will spend around £2m on replacing its vehicle fleet. Local media is reporting... (Continue reading)

Shared services for libraries across the board


New reports state that the Local Government Group and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council feels that libraries should share... (Continue reading)

MPA invites tenders for system upgrade


According to media reports, the Metropolitan Police Authority has put out a tender for a new command and control system.... (Continue reading)

Yorkshire Councils predict £1.6m joint savings

Financial statements

Councils in Yorkshire have signed an agreement to create a joint legal services framework with the aim of saving around... (Continue reading)

Clyde Valley Councils publish savings plan

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Councils in Scotland have published a business plan for sharing back office services in a bid to save around £30m... (Continue reading)

Affordable homes reach a new height

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According to new media reports a new £63m residential scheme by Barratt in Wandsworth, which will feature nearly 90 affordable... (Continue reading)