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Guide to zero hours contracts for employers

Government Opportunities

The Institute of Directors has released a guidance on zero hours contracts and the employer responsibilities they entail. The guidance states that There is no specific legal definition of a ‘zero hours contract’, but it is generally used to mean... (Continue reading)

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Blacklisting in Scotland – can public bodies turn policy into practice?


On 20 November 2013, the Scottish Government issued a Scottish Procurement Policy Note (“SPPN”) on the exclusion from public contracts of suppliers which engage in blacklisting (the compilation or use of lists of trade union members to exclude such people... (Continue reading)

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FOI and public procurement: the disclosure exemption is not the rule

Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation aims to ensure transparency in the use of public funds.  But when it is used to try to obtain sensitive information about tenders, it can jeopardise healthy competition – businesses may be discouraged from dealing... (Continue reading)

When is a contract between two public bodies caught by the procurement rules?

David Hansom

Many authorities were relieved following the decision in Commission v Germany (C-480/06) (the ‘Hamburg waste’ exemption) which confirmed that co-operation between contracting authorities may not always require a public procurement process. A recent case, Piepenbrock Dienstleistungen GmbH & Co KG... (Continue reading)

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No extra time in procurement challenges

David Hansom

The recent High Court procurement case of Corelogic Limited v Bristol City Council (EWHC 2088 (TCC)), in which Veale Wasbrough Vizards latterly acted for the Claimant, is another strong reminder of the need to bring challenges under the Public Contracts... (Continue reading)

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EU begins countdown for control over concession contracts

On 26 June 2013, political agreement was reached within the EU on the new Public Procurement Directive governing the award of concession contracts. A concession contract is an agreement between a public body and a contractor where the contactor is... (Continue reading)

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Could the courts service be privatised?

Ministry of Justice privatisation

Court service outsourcing plans denied but is further privatisation a possibility for the Ministry of Justice? The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has denied claims that it is planning for the ‘wholesale privatisation’ of the courts services in England and Wales... (Continue reading)

Mind the gap – no room for expert evidence in procurement disputes?

David Hansom

Is expert evidence admissible in public procurement challenge cases? David Hansom from Veale Wasbrough Vizards looks at the recent case of BY Development and Others v. Covent Garden Market Authority and the impact of the decision.   Often challengers will... (Continue reading)

Judicial Review Process

David Hansom

David Hansom from Veale Wasbrough Vizards takes a look the recent Consultation Paper on proposals for the reform of the Judicial Review process, published this month by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ)… The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) published a Consultation... (Continue reading)

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Contract Bidding Exclusions


In the wake of the G4S Olympic security controversy, the Cabinet Office is proposing a policy whereby a supplier’s record in performing contracts can lead to their exclusion from bidding for central government contracts. David Hansom outlines the issues raised... (Continue reading)

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