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Another fine mess?

Government Opportunities

By Morven MacNeil, GO Content Editor Since the recent announcement that German-based contractor Siemens had won the £1.4 billion Thameslink contract over UK firm Bombardier, the question on everyone’s lips has been – how could the Government let this happen? The Thameslink Rolling Stock Programme covers the delivery, maintenance and financing of around 1200 vehicles […]

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PFI must be reformed


By John Tizard, Director, Centre for Public Service Partnerships The recent parliamentary and media pressure for greater transparency, stronger accountability and a ‘better deal’ for the public sector from PFI and similar Public Private Partnerships is unlikely to abate until the industry responds with solutions. Reform is in the air. The industry has a choice. […]

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EU procurement review


By Terry Street, Principal Consultant and Procurement and Outsourcing Product Manager, Socitm Consulting As many of you will be aware, the EU is consulting on amendments to the public procurement regime. This has led to debate about what is wrong with the rules, with many expressing the view that they are expensive and take too […]

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Incentives can play an important role when budgets are tight


By Andrew Johnson, Director General of the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association (UKGCVA) The repercussions of the recession have hit the UK hard, particularly across the public sector. In fact, according to a recent YouGov survey commissioned by Interserve which assessed feedback from 101 council chief executives and senior managers, councils predict that the […]

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Public procurement – leading the way

Government Opportunities

By Rachael Simpson, Media Researcher, BiP Solutions The public sector is not always the first to embrace innovation but in one area they are racing ahead of the private sector – gender equality. The Lord Davis report, Women on Boards, made recommendations that the FTSE100 should challenge themselves to increase the proportion of female directors […]

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Open and transparent?


By Paul Elliott, Media Researcher, BiP Solutions If you look up the delicate issue of transparency on the Government’s Number 10 website you will read the following sentence: “We want to be the most open and transparent Government in the world.” One method that the Government has chosen to achieve this transparency is the publication […]

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Procurement’s role in social enterprise


By John Tizard, Director, Centre for Public Service Partnerships There is much interest across the public sector in more social enterprises delivering more public services. Indeed, the forthcoming Government White Paper on the future of public services is expected to promote social enterprises and either require or encourage the public sector to procure services from […]

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Local services, better for less?


By Morven MacNeil, GO Content Editor Research has been carried out into how well local authorities are positioned to meet the 2014 budgetary challenge, and how they perceive outsourcing and partnerships can support them to achieve this. On average, councils are expecting to make cuts of 20 per cent by 2014, with one third anticipating […]

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Care services need proper management

One Step at a Time

By Eddie Regan, Senior Procurement Consultant, BiP Solutions The unacceptable treatment of residents at the Winterbourne View Care Home in Bristol, exposed by the BBC’s Panorama programme, has raised two major issues for those involved in contracting for care services. Firstly, it appears that there were few or no measurable Key Performance Indicators in place […]

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Time for new PPP models

What did you say?

By John Tizard, Director, Centre for Public Service Partnerships Why is it that so many companies that deliver public services through contracts with the public sector apparently think that the public sector’s entire response to expenditure pressures should be to outsource more to them? They seem to have misread the political, economic and operational tea […]

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