Cardiff University secures £3.6 million EU funds for new scientific research facility

Monday June 10th, 2019

Cardiff University has secured £3.6 million in EU funds to create a new research facility that will help Welsh industry develop cleaner, greener and lower-cost products.Government Opportunities

The Electron Microscope Facility (EMF) will be constructed on the university’s Innovation Campus on Maindy Road and will support cutting-edge research in catalysis – the process of speeding up chemical reactions to develop cheaper, cleaner and safer ways to manufacture products.

The facility will include a suite of next-generation, ultra-sensitive microscopes to allow researchers to study materials and processes on the atomic scale.

It has also been supported by an investment of £750,000 from the Wolfson Foundation and £4.3 million from Cardiff University.

Counsel General and ‘Brexit’ Minister, Jeremy Miles said:

“This investment will support major research collaborations between Cardiff University and industry which will lead to the development of new, innovative and sustainable manufacturing techniques.

“Research carried out at this facility will also help the UK to transition to a more sustainable low carbon economy – and boost Cardiff University, and Wales as a whole, as a centre for scientific study.

“Wales continues to benefit enormously from EU funding and this is another example of that investment strengthening our economy.”

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