Brexit uncertainty utter kryptonite for investment

Monday November 18th, 2019

No matter who wins the election we can only revive our economy if we get the right relationship with the EU, says CBI President at Annual Conference.Government Opportunities

And he argued business needed to be part of that conversation – it has the expertise to help in continued negotiations with the EU; to build public support; and thereafter to grow trade and exporting across the world.

John Allan, who kicked off the CBI’s Annual Conference said:

“The upcoming General Election must break the Brexit gridlock in Parliament.

As much as business might be excited about the prospect of other trade deals, basic maths ensured that remaining aligned and competitive with the EU remained vital.

Currently no party has the answers. It’s not as simple as ‘getting Brexit done’. Or ‘sorting Brexit in six months’. Or even, ‘stop Brexit’, whatever happens in this election we’ll be negotiating with the EU for years to come. Whether as a close friend or distant neighbour. So we need to have an honest conversation.”


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