Adult Social Care gets £4.5m digital boost

Wednesday February 12th, 2020

NHS Digital is investing £4.5m as part of the NHS’ Digital Transformation Portfolio to help bridge the technology gap between the NHS and adult social care.


This will see Sixteen organisations that deliver, and commission adult social care services receive funding to help scale local digital projects. Grants are designed to supports initiatives that have already been piloted locally to drive wider adoption. Successful “Digital Pathfinders” will now commence a 13-month implementation phase with projects looking to standardise information and develop new digital ways of collaboration between health and care organisations. Examples include:

South Gloucestershire Council and London Borough of Sutton, who are providing care homes with access to the existing Local Health and Care Record portals so they can in turn view and update records. The two projects are collaborating together with the aim of developing “red bag” standards and a blueprint for roll out nationally.

Wirral Council is working to scale up the Digital Discharge process for hospital patients who require care and support when they are discharged with information plugged directly into a Council’s social care system ahead of the patient being discharged and where there is a change in circumstances, removing the need for further assessment.

Integrating health and social care is one of the biggest healthcare challenges of our time and although £4.5m is a small sum of money, NHS Digital will be hoping to seed scalable and proven solutions that have national potential.

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