Aberdeenshire’s councillors unite in calling for more cash-raising powers from Scottish Government

Thursday January 31st, 2019

Aberdeenshire’s finance chiefs have made repeated calls for more powers to be devolved to local government.cosla

The authority has in the region of £20million of savings it has to make over the next year in order to balance the books.

Both the administration and opposition are yet to reveal their plans for closing the funding gap.

However, both sides of the chamber are in agreement that local authorities should have more control over their finances.

Council leader Jim Gifford said he was firmly behind the Greens’ push for more cash-raising powers for councils.

He said: “What we have been pushing for through the Cosla negotations is exactly that – more flexibility, more discretion over making more money.

“Exactly what that means in practice remains to be seen but that is what we have been asking for.

“We want a better pot of cash than we are getting currently because there’s just not enough money there.

“We want more flexibility to raise and keep taxes locally, we think things like business rates should be managed in this way.”

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