£102 million to make UK prosper from the energy revolution

Wednesday May 23rd, 2018

The launch of a £102 million investment programme in new local energy approaches has been completed today with the announcement of a new research consortium. Government Opportunities

The development of a network of the best UK research and expertise in energy from right across the research disciplines, completes the launch of the £102.5 million prospering from the energy revolution challenge, which is part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy. (23/05/18)

The energy revolution research consortium will deliver a suite of strategic research projects that address industry- led challenges in the development of local, investable, consumer-centred energy approaches to create prosperous clean energy communities.

Chief Executive of UK Research and Innovation, Professor Sir Mark Walport said:

“Clean and affordable energy is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century and one that affects us all.

“The energy revolution challenge will address this societal and environmental need by unlocking the potential of world-class research and innovation.

“It will create the new commercial solutions that benefit consumers through reduced bills, that drive economic growth through new businesses and high-value jobs, and do this at a reduced environmental cost.

“Through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, we are tackling major industrial and societal challenges and supporting the UK to become an even stronger knowledge-driven economy.”

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