‘Devastating’ cuts in social care

Monday June 27th, 2011

According to reports the spending on social care for the elderly has been cut by over £600m this year.

Research by Age UK suggested older people’s care budgets had been slashed by a 8.4% as the Government’s spending cuts bite.

The figures, which were disputed by the Government, were based on data obtained from councils under the Freedom of Information Act.

Some 139 out of 152 authorities responded to requests by research group, which calculated that net expenditure on older people’s social care was falling by £610m in 2011/12, compared with 2010/11.

61 councils were also found to have increased charges on provisions of services like home help and day care centres.

Charity director at Age UK, Michelle Mitchell said: “The consequences of cutting expenditure further to 8.4%, indicated by our research, could be devastating.”

Age UK’s research comes ahead of the eagerly-anticipated findings of the Dilnot Commission, set up by the Government last year to come up with proposals for the future funding of social care.

Increasing life expectancy is creating a multi-billion pound black hole in elderly care on which the political parties have so far failed to agree a solution.

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